Blackjack strategy

Welcome to the most crucial segment of our site where you’ll find all the strategies for black jack. Before you play for real money, go through all our listed guidelines. The first step is to know the type of variation you want to play. Read through the game details to identify the number of decks used when shuffling cards. Finally, discover if the dealer can hit on all soft 17’s or not. With that in mind, apply the most appropriate strategy below.

Strategies for blackjack

Before you choose to load the game from your favorite software developer, take a few minutes to rehearse these strategies. Single deck blackjack strategy

In this approach, the player can double down any two card combination and double down after splitting. However, surrender is not allowed, and dealers are not permitted to hit any 17 under the S17 rule. The odds of the game become an impressive -0.15%under these rules and by applying the charts listed below.

Blackjack Strategy - Take Over Online Casinos

If all rules apply, but the dealer is permitted to hit a soft 17 under the H17 rule, and by following the chart below, the house edge will rise by +0.04%.

Double deck blackjack strategy

When all conditions remain the same, and two decks are being used but, the dealer is only allowed to stay at 17 regardless of it being hard or soft, by applying our strategies for blackjack, the house advantage turns to +0.20%. This is quite good. Look at the chart below.

Double deck blackjack strategy photo 1

However, if the house can ask for an additional card whenever the dealer hits a soft 17, the odds in double deck will favour them at +0.04%.

Double deck blackjack strategy photo 2

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy

This strategy would work if; doubling down after splitting and on any two cards are allowed, and if the dealer can’t ask for any other card after hitting 17s. The odds, in this case, are in the house’s favour at +0.38%.

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy photo 1

If all conditions remain, but the dealer can ask for an extra card, the odds increase further to +0.59%.

4 Deck Blackjack Strategy photo 2

Experts also use the charts above in blackjack strategy 8 and 6 decks. It is important to note that the more the decks, the better the odds for the house.

Blackjack Switch Game

For those into trying new things, this variation will be fascinating. With an optimal scheme as in the reference below, the blackjack switch odds are at +0.58%.

Blackjack Switch Game

Multi-deck blackjack strategy

The chart below is meant for the game variations that allow; doubling down on pairs and after splitting and six card decks. By using the chart, the odds will be +0.66% in the house’s favour.

Multi-deck blackjack strategy

How to count cards in blackjack

If you’re wondering how blackjack card counting works, read on. The card counting strategy is essential in beating the house edge. The process is not illegal but, casinos are always looking out for people with these skills for obvious reasons. Here’s how to do it right.

The first step is to learn the basic strategy listed here:

How to count cards in blackjack

The next step is to value to each card by using the Hi-Lo system. 9 is worth zero, cards from 2 to 6 are valued at +1, 7, 8 all the others including Ace are worth +1.

You’ll now be required to score each croupier deal by implementing the basic strategy and betting the lowest. Here you’re spending money to gather sufficient information. We suggest you start off with minimum bets and set the bankroll to a thousand betting units. This way, the chances of losing it all are under 1%

Now use all the information to divide the real count by the decks and bet appropriately.


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